Aug 012011

For you age 30+ folks out there, you might remember a short lived Friday night sitcom called “Teen Angel” which starred Ron Glass as a floating head in the service of The Lord who gave advice to a teen that became a guardian angel, and whom initially thought the gigantic floating head of Ron Glass was going to eat him.

For you age 20+ folks out there, Ron Glass later became better known is a far more famous television series called “Firefly” in which he played Shepard Book.

Apr 242011

Buchan is effectively the character I use when I want to talk about things beyond the fourth wall. Early on I intended to use him more, but as the strip progressed he sorta fell out of use. Kellen was my alter ego at the time. The shadowy author of the strip whom is never seen, and only Buchan has contact with. This whole dynamic largely vanished with one notable exception a few years later.